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Nintendo Wins Handheld System Patent Case

Nintendo wins a patent case against Quintal Research Group, Inc, regarding Nintendo’s handheld devices. Continue reading

Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games head to Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo 64 games that supported the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak will indeed support rumble features via the Wii U controllers that support rumble. Continue reading

Sonic Generations was originally planned for Wii, DS before being canceled

The game, originally titled Sonic Anniversary, was eventually released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading

Product Approval Manual provides insight into the world of Pokémon

Did you know that Pokémon never die? Did you know there is no Pokémon food chain? Continue reading

Browse through three decades of Nintendo’s sales and shipment figures

Official totals from Nintendo give a detailed look at how well their hardware and software has sold. Continue reading

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata REALLY wanted a Game Boy Advance SP sleep mode

The Nintendo DS wasn’t supposed to be the first Nintendo handheld with sleep mode. Continue reading

Super Mario, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Metroid reimagined as pulp magazine covers

What if these three classic video game franchise were actually ’40s and ’50s thrillers? Continue reading

Bonus Survey and physical rewards added to North American Club Nintendo

Grab your 10 coins, and then grab your card case and/or t-shirt! Continue reading

Mario Golf Balls arrive in Club Nintendo (Europe) Stars Catalog(ue)

Golf much? Club Nintendo Europe has just the thing for you! Continue reading

Pokémon Symphony heading to Baltimore in May

Featuring the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under the masterful baton of Susie Seiter. Continue reading