E3 2017 Predictions & Preview: EA, Bethesda, & Ubisoft


What We Know So Far:

Now we’re getting into the meaty stuff. Bethesda has knocked it out of the park the last two years ever since they started doing their own press conference. The thing Bethesda does best is that they manage to make sure information about their game announcements never leaks to the public. Sure, in 2015, we had a good idea something related to Doom was going to be announced, but the trailer was nothing like we expected. This year, the only game they talked about last year that hasn’t been released yet is Quake Champions. So what else could they have in the pipeline for 2017?

What Could Be Revealed:

Here’s a hint:

This is all we have to go off of in terms of what could be coming. Bethesda tweeted the image above, and there’s a lot to investigate. As shown, the image sets up Bethesda’s IPs as amusement park rides. Series like Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and Doom are easy to point out.

What’s interesting is the two areas “under construction.” Doing some research in terms of modern IPs for Bethesda, the only two IPs that are not shown in the picture are The Evil Within and Wolfenstein. I have to imagine these are the two games that Bethesda will show during their press event. Wolfenstein seems like a lock considering it was teased last year with this:

Considering how much I adored Wolfenstein: The New Order, I can’t wait to see what B.J. Blazkowicz and his crew of merry Nazi hunters could be up for in round 2 in terms of the modern reboot series of Wolfenstein.

The Evil Within 2 is also a game that could catch the attention of a lot of gamers if announced. The Evil Within was a flawed but solid horror game that could have been great with some story and gameplay touch-ups, like a better inventory interface and a story that made at least some coherent sense. Considering Bethesda tends to listen to criticism and learn from it in developing future games, The Evil Within 2 could turn out to be something really special, especially for the generation of horror game fans who enjoy going in front of a camera to scream their booties off at monsters coming at them with the worst intentions.

(Okay yes I know I’m guilty of it too.)

That’s it for E3 2017 preview week 1. I know there are other third party companies to talk about in terms of what they will be showing, but I will save those for when I think they will be showcased in the big 3’s presentations.

Next week we’ll take a look at what Microsoft could be bringing to the table. Spoiler alert: It’s not going to be a lot, nor very positive.

Until next week, keep gaming folks! I’m going to go listen to “That’s What I Like” since it’s been stuck in my head since I typed that sentence where I referenced it.

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