E3 2017 Predictions & Preview: EA, Bethesda, & Ubisoft


What We Know So Far:

Uhh… Assassin’s Creed might be coming back? No, seriously that’s it. That’s all we know from Ubisoft so far. Oh, and Rayman Legends is coming to the Switch which cool, but…

What Could Be Revealed:

Please Ubi, for the love of my soul, give us a new Rayman game. I know Michel Ansel is working on Wild, but I want a new Rayman game so bad. I’ve played through Rayman Legends four times now, going on five when the Switch version comes out. It is one of my all-time favorite series. That series still has great potential, so don’t abandon it. And DON’T PUT IT ON MOBILE, FOR GOD SAKES!

Okay, with that out of the way, Ubisoft has other series that could make appearances next month.

After multiple delays, an update on South Park: The Fractured But Whole would be a good place to start. Reassurance that the game looks good and is coming out this year would quell a lot of fans worries that the game is going through some trouble. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is rumored to finally be shown this year. I’m not sure if it will actually happen, but I would love to be shocked to finally see it in motion since I’ve lost track of how long they’ve teased it.

Ubi will push a new Assassin’s Creed after having taken a year off, which is probably when I’ll probably go take a bathroom break. After almost ten years as a series, I still care as little for the franchise as all the actors of the live action movie did in giving a quality performance.

Other than that, the most intriguing rumor surrounding Ubisoft is that Far Cry 5 will be revealed as a western. I get it: compete with Red Dead Redemption 2 this holiday, especially since there aren’t many western games. I do kind of wish, though, that Ubisoft would be brave enough and just make it a new IP in the western genre. A guy can dream can’t he?

Oh, and we all know an embarrassing dance and music number will happen to promote this year’s Just Dance. Who will perform though? The Chainsmokers? DJ Khaled? Bruno Mars? Actually, Bruno Mars performing “That’s What I Like” would probably get me to buy the game. The music video is practically asking for the game to use the song. Plus that song is fire – don’t @ me, hipsters.

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