Night Trap is a terrible game getting a remaster… and you should totally play it

For those of you unaware of Night Trap, here’s a bit of a history lesson: Night Trap is a game from the ’90s that was a marque title to push the Sega CD. In a surprising announcement this week, new developer Screaming Villains confirmed a re-release of the game for modern day consoles to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary. That original game was hot garbage: the story is absurd, the gameplay is minimal (as it was for many interactive console CD games from the ’90s), the game is borderline sexist, and it has every annoying horror movie trope you could ever imagine all wrapped up into one huge what-the-hell package.

…and you should totally play it when it re-releases.

No, I’m serious. Even with everything I mentioned above about how bad the game is, gamers owe it to themselves to see this insanity first hand. Playing this game is going to be like looking into a time capsule from an era of gaming that is largely forgotten about. For a couple of years in the ’90s, full motion video games were expected to be the next big innovation in how video games could move forward. Sega, Panasonic, and Phillips all stepped forward to try to be the first to get this type of game made. Unfortunately 90% of the games fell flat because the “FMV,” as it was dubbed, was choppy and the gameplay was boring. Out of all of those FMV games though, Night Trap might be the most infamous.

Night Trap came out at a time when the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or “ESRB,” didn’t exist yet. No one had really done anything horror-wise in gaming yet besides Splatterhouse. So when Night Trap dropped in 1993, people lost their MINDS due to the fact you were either letting girls live or die based on your decisions. The game received so much negative press due to the subject material of the game that it had to be pulled from store shelves, followed by the creation of the ESRB.

That’s right. This game led to the creation of the ESRB.

(Funnily enough, the game did eventually get a M rating back in 1993, but the re-release is getting a T rating.)

Do yourself a favor: don’t look up footage of this game. Don’t look at speed runs, don’t try to spoil yourself on the insane plot. If you do look up anything, look up the footage of congress members losing their minds over this back in 1993, because it shows how Congress’s view of games hasn’t changed in over 20 years.

When Night Trap releases again, go in cold: call over a couple close friends, bring alcohol if you are of age, and have a blast laughing your butts off. This is the gaming equivalent of a horror movie that’s so bad, you can laugh hysterically at it. It’s the Troll 2 or The Room in video game form, if you will. It’s an absolutely terrible game that I can’t believe is getting re-released on modern platforms and I hope – nay, I PRAY – that it does well commercially. I want to see more of these FMV crap piles released for modern audiences to witness. If this re-release does well commercially, who knows? Maybe we could see this come to modern consoles as well:

A Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties REMASTER! Let’s make it happen Internet!

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