Sony – Wii “an impulse buy”


Next Generation article below:

Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesperson Dave Karraker says Wii should not be directly compared to PS3. Interviewed by The New York Times today he said, “Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else.”

Karraker added that Sony is selling out of the 100,000 PS3 units it is shipping into the US every wek. But, he added, “The frenzy we saw at the holidays has subsided a bit.”

Sony believes Wii is currently selling to casual gamers rather than committed gamers, who are likely to buy more games in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, Nintendo says its shipments of Wii into the US are equal to Sony’s and has described reports that Wii shortages are down to lower shipments as “absolutely inaccurate.”

Sony sees Wii as an impulse buy. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Obviously they say it to play down the Wii, so it could be seen as an insult along the lines of “It’s an impulse buy, so consumers don’t really consider if they really want it or not,” or it could be a good thing, such as “Consumers don’t really need to think twice about whether it’s an investment worth making.” What do you think?


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