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Super Scribblenauts level honors iconic Super Mario Bros. stage

The DS game replicates World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Continue reading

A trio of new Super Scribblenauts gameplay videos

Three Super gameplay videos for you. Continue reading

5th Cell explains reason behind control scheme switch in Super Scribblenauts

You know, in case you needed an explanation. Which I don’t think you do. Continue reading

Super Scribblenauts brings some [adjective] screen shots and gameplay videos to Gamescom

If you wanted your Super Scribblenauts to come with no surprises, then we have the videos for you! Continue reading

Super Scribblenauts has a new, awesome, polka dotted, energetic Gamescom trailer

Check out this super new video highlighting the new adjectives added to the ‘Nauts dictionary. Continue reading

5th Cell releases Super Scribblenauts wallpaper for Gamescom

One word in the dictionary that 5th Cell apparently missed: enough. Continue reading

Pre-order Super Scribblenauts, get a set of Maxwell’s headphones

Finally, a Super Scribblenauts pre-order bonus you can be seen wearing in public. Continue reading

New promotional Super Scribblenauts wallpaper from 5th Cell

Show some pre-release love for Super Scribblenauts with this free wallpaper. Continue reading

E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts screen shots and trailer

Come check out the vast improvements made to Scribblenauts. Continue reading

5th Cell releases Super Scribblenauts wallpaper for E3

Some new assets from Super Scribblenauts in anticipation of E3. Continue reading