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Sega and Game Freak announce Tembo the Badass Elephant for PC, Xbox One, PS4, but not Nintendo

Despite GameFreak’s long association with Nintendo due to the latter controlling the Pokémon IP, the new GameFreak/Sega collaboration won’t be coming to Nintendo platforms. Continue reading

Looming SNES release prompted last-minute attempt to boost Sega Genesis’ power

Sega’s Masami Ishikawa revealed that the impending launch of the Super Nintendo impacted the design process of the Genesis in the eleventh hour, but only marginally. Continue reading

Sega surprises us with new screenshots of Luigi’s Mansion Arcade

Sega is showing off Capcom’s Luigi’s Mansion Arcade at JAEPO 2015 this week, and this is what the game looks like. Continue reading

Sega cutting 300 jobs to focus on digital games for mobile and PC over packaged games

Sega’s San Francisco location for packaging physical game releases has already been confirmed for closure. Continue reading

Jaleel White, Ryan Drummond considered for voice roles in Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations could have been infinitely more awesome. Way to go, Sega. Continue reading

Evan Cholfin to adapt Sega IPs for film; Could Crazy Taxi: The Movie be on the way?

Perhaps an Altered Beast film? How about Shinobi? Sega is considering them! Continue reading

Absolutely Rose Street: Sega’s 1994 infomercial for the 32X

It’s all so nostalgically early ’90s that it’s managed to become entertaining in a whole new way. Continue reading

Sega bringing Sonic Runners to smartphones in 2015

A new Sonic game is coming to smartphones next year! Continue reading

Total War: Attila Release Date Set

The latest title in the Total War real-time strategy franchise has announced its release … Continue reading

“Sonic Boom” shows off a brand new look for Sonic and friends

Today, Sega has announced a brand new GC TV series and video game, both … Continue reading