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Kirby’s Epic new trailer shows Meta Knight & King Dedede

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PAX 2010: Nintendo unleashes new U.S. trailer for Kirby’s Epic Yarn

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E3 2010: First impressions Kirby’s Epic Yarn- Updated with Pete’s thoughts and a trailer

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E3 2010: Kirby returns with Epic Yarn adventure

Kirby returns for his first new console adventure since the 64 days. Continue reading

En-gauging: Bomberman meets body mods with these gauges for gamers

K8bit can bring together Pac-Man, piercings, and polymer clay like no other can. Continue reading

Miyamoto: NOA and NOE hated the name “Wii”

Not only that, but apparently Kirby didn’t start out named “Kirby” either! Continue reading

Minimal work, maximum effect: Video game minimalism

That minimalism is so hot right now. Continue reading

Nintendo and Smash Bros. creator team up again

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Do you smell what the puffball is cooking?

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