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All Aboard the “Nope” Train: Arachnophobia in Gaming

There is a type of gamer out there for whom this innovation is complete torture, and for whom certain genres of gaming — like fantasy RPGs and Action-Adventures — are becoming less and less accessible. Continue reading

Enter Our Giveaway For Your Chance To Win A Greninja amiibo!

Some entry methods can even be performed multiple times (once each day), so be sure to get your entries in and we’ll pick the lucky winner of a Greninja amiibo on June 29th! Continue reading

Enter Our Giveaway For Your Chance To Win An Ike amiibo!

Up until the morning of Monday, June 8th, you can enter our giveaway for a chance at your very own new-in-box Ike amiibo! Continue reading

Here’s what those CPSIA Certificates really mean about Nintendo’s amiibo figures

Not understanding how the certificates are issued and how they fit into the big picture can lead to the spreading of misinformation. Let’s fix that. Continue reading

Code Name S.T.E.A.M. – Review

If you’re expecting anything resembling a deep and engaging narrative or gritty realism, you will probably be disappointed. Then again, if you expected anything of the sort from this game, you haven’t been paying attention. Continue reading

Hunting for Super Mario amiibo next week? Here are eight tips!

While things look grim, with a little dedication, some good luck, and timing, you too can get your hands on the rarer figures that are yet to come. Continue reading

Hyrule Women: Warriors of Progress

The Legend of Zelda has not been a beacon of positive female representation for most of its lifespan, but times are changing for the franchise, and one new game in particular has raised the bar of female characters for the series. Continue reading

Zelda Netflix Might Not Be The Worst Thing Ever

It is a story already established within the canonical Zelda timeline, but one that has yet to be told… Continue reading

Hyrule Warriors DLC: The Good, the Bad, and the…Tingle

Hyrule Warriors has been a test for Nintendo in terms of DLC. The question is, have they passed? Continue reading

The Song of Passing: Hyrule Warriors and the Evolution of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda first invited gamers into its fantastical world almost thirty years ago. Since then, it has fought through the decades to maintain its iconic and beloved place in the gaming world. Continue reading