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E3 2014 – Nintendo Digital Event

It’s time for Nintendo to bring their A-game. Or games, plural. Watch with us … Continue reading

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes coming in November

The 2003 “Gen III” entries into the Pokémon series will be getting a 3D facelift! Continue reading

Nintendo E3 2013 website goes live; the countdown begins!

There are only 10 more days, 12 hours, and some change before Nintendo reveals … Continue reading

E3: Wii U hands-on impressions

Nintendo’s new home console brings with it an HD display, and a touchscreen controller. Continue reading

E3 2012: Nintendo Developer Roundtable Live Blog

Hey everyone! We’ve taken our seats at Nintendo’s Developer Roundtable. We’ll live blog the … Continue reading

New Assassin’s Creed III screens have surfaced

Take a look at Ubisoft’s take on the American Revolutionary War. Continue reading

Top 25 Pokémon Countdown 2011: #1

Charizard’s out of the way… so who could be our #1 favorite Pokémon of all-time? Continue reading

Top 25 Pokémon Countdown 2011: #3-#2

It’s down to the wire! Which Pokémon took two of the last three spots? Continue reading

Top 25 Pokémon Countdown 2011: #15-#11

We’re more than halfway through our Top 25 list! Who’s in? Continue reading

Pete and Jason Talk about Games with Chris, Episode 2

Episode 2 in The Tanooki’s in house podcast hosted by Jason Leavey, Pete Betcher, and Chris Manning. Continue reading