Bandai Namco is making another awesome Pokémon game for arcades… in Japan


I don’t go to arcades very often. In fact, the only times I’ve “gone” to an arcade this year were when I happened to be at the Pac-Man-themed Level 257 restaurant in Schaumburg, IL for special occasions. Arcades are still big in Japan, though, and Bandai Namco is going to keep doing its part to make sure that stays the case.

Enter the amazing arcade game concept you see above. I’m genuinely confused as to why this wasn’t a thing before. You get a starter Pokémon (Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie) to help you through three stages, in which you chuck physical Poké Balls to catch various Pokémon within a time limit. It looks like you can even encounter Mega Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Mega Diancie if you’re lucky and your scores are high enough. If you get through those three stages, you can win one of 24 collectible Pokémon cards, some of which are shown after the break.

I’d say there’s a better than decent chance this won’t be coming to North American arcades (not officially, at least), and unlike Pokkén Tournament, this one won’t be releasing internationally via the Wii U because Nintendo hasn’t given us anything to throw at our TVs since the Wii Remote. But if you want to see what the gameplay will be like, check out the video below:

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Distant Worlds brought the music from Final Fantasy back to Chicago


Many people spend their day-after-Christmas sleeping in, eating leftovers, bargain shopping, or just lazing around the house. Not me. I instead put on a suit, stashed my 3DS in my pocket, and enjoyed a day downtown before heading to Chicago’s Symphony Center to attend an orchestra concert. This time, it was again for Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy, the concert tour featuring the music of Square Enix’s nearly 30-year-old crown jewel of a franchise.

Unlike most symphony concerts and even some of those other game concerts, Distant Worlds doesn’t reveal their exact program in advance. That aspect of surprise is part of the allure that keeps bringing me back to these concerts in hopes that I’ll hear something new (which is always the case). Perhaps more enticing than that, however, is just the sheer enjoyment of hearing the beautiful compositions of Nobuo Uematsu and others performed live by extraordinarily talented musicians… and in the same concert hall owned by the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to boot!

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Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima: NX in steady development, will be a new experience


In an interview with Sankei West, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima reiterated that Nintendo doesn’t intend to rush their new console to market. In order to properly differentiate the machine from the experiences offered by the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, development the company’s next generation gaming platform, codenamed “NX,” is progressing steadily.

Echoing previous reports that the NX would feature both home console and portable features, the notion that the NX needs to distinguish itself from both the 3DS and Wii U is a nice reassurance. Unfortunately, that’s all Kimishima had to say on the new platform, using the rest of his time to reiterate previous information regarding Nintendo’s mobile plans and My Nintendo service.

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Sonic the Hedgehog gets a 25th Anniversary logo


I may have played Nintendo games and Super Mario titles first, but Sonic is the reason I became a gamer. Actually, it was more of natural TV-to-comics-to-games progression… but the point is that Sonic the Hedgehog was the primary catalyst for video games becoming such a big part of my life. That all started way back in the early ’90s. The Blue Blur has been around for a quarter of a century, if you can believe it.

Sega has revealed via Twitter their official 25th Anniversary logo for Sonic the Hedgehog, shown above. To the dismay of longtime fans, it looks like we’ll be celebrating that anniversary with Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, even though I still maintain that Takashi Iizuka should jump back into the director’s chair and give us a game worthy of the title Sonic Adventure 3.

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the first Sonic the Hedgehog game? What are some of your favorite Sonic memories?


Splatoon surpasses 1 million copies sold in Japan; Squid Sisters Live concert announced

Basic RGB

Splatoon has been a relatively huge success for Nintendo’s Wii U platform, and the game is now celebrating over one million copies sold in Japan. That’s not just one million shipped, either – over one million copies have actually sold via retail copies, digital copies, and bundles.

As part of the celebration of Splatoon‘s success, a live concert event, Splatoon Squid Sisters Live 2016, will be held at Game Party Japan 2016, at the Makuhari Messe Center in Chiba City. The concert is set for 5pm JST on Saturday, January 30th. In the event the concert is streamed via NicoNico, you’ll be able to catch that live stream on January 31st at 3am ET, 12am PT, and 8am in the UK.

You can head past the break for the actual video announcement. Kind of makes you wish you lived in Japan, right?

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Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta are getting amiibo

Amiibo Development

Today in the final Nintendo direct for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that development has begun to create amiibo for the final three DLC characters. Cloud Strife, Corrin, and Bayonetta will all be receiving amiibo!

While no time frame on a release date was given, it’s exciting to see these characters won’t be ignored for amiibo. Hopefully more news will break soon and we can get more information on when we’ll be seeing these amiibo on store shelves.

Famicom R.O.B., Roy, and Ryu amiibo release March 18th, 2016

Release Date

Today in the final Nintendo direct for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U, game director Masahiro Sakurai announced that the release date for the Famicom R.O.B., Roy, and Ryu amiibo would be March 18th, 2016. Sakurai also told watchers to check stores for more details soon. We already know Roy is initially going to be a Gamestop exclusive, but could Ryu or Famicom R.O.B. be, too? We’ll find out soon, I’d imagine.

Corrin and Bayonetta announced as final Super Smash Bros. DLC Characters

DLC Characters

Today, Nintendo held the final direct for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U. Director Masahiro Sakurai announced the final two DLC characters that would make it into the game along with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

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Cloud comes to Super Smash Bros. today!


In today’s Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U, director Masahiro Sakurai announced that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will be available for download today! In addition to Cloud, a new stage based off Midgar will also be available. Cloud and the stage will be available for $5.99 for one system or $6.99 to have him and the stage on both systems.

Kromaia Omega – Review


Kromaia Omega is available now on the PlayStation 4 and Steam. What is Kromaia Omega about? What is it like? The unique shoot ’em up title can catch your eye with just its stunning visuals, so we decided to take it for a spin and see what the game itself was really like.

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