Nintendo celebrates Fire Emblem’s 25th Anniversary with a 25% off eShop sale in Japan


In celebration of the Fire Emblem franchise’s 25th anniversary in Japan, Nintendo is offering a 25% off sale on all Fire Emblem titles available on the Japanese eShop and Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. That list includes the following games:

  • Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ry? to Hikari no Tsurugi (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light) (Nintendo 3DS / Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem Gaiden (Nintendo 3DS / Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Monsh? no Nazo (Mystery of the Emblem) (Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (Genealogy of the Holy War) (Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (The Sword of Flame) (Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Seima no K?seki (The Sacred Stones) (Wii U)
  • Fire Emblem: Kakusei (Awakening) (Nintendo 3DS)

The anniversary sale ends on May 6th. In other news, it appears I need to obtain a Japanese Wii U this week…

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Pokémon exhibit coming to Japanese science museum this summer


It looks like Pikachu and friends will be helping to spark kids’ interest in science – the Miraikan, a science museum in Odaiba, Tokyo, in cooperation with The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, will open a “Pokémon Lab” exhibit where children can pretend they’re Pokémon professors studying various Pokémon.

The three rooms of the exhibit will challenge kids’ deduction and reasoning skills. The first room will have patrons inspect Poké Balls delivered to the lab and try to figure out the Pokémon inside each of them. The second room will teach guests about diversity and classification as they look to classify Pokémon by similar characteristics. The third room will show how all those lessons learned can apply to the real world, with examples of scientific discoveries made by other young children.

The Pokémon Lab exhibit opens July 8th in the Special Exhibit Zone of the Miraikan’s first floor. Tickets can be reserved now and range from ¥300 for toddlers to ¥1,600 for adults.

Miraikan: Pokémon Lab
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Fort Myers Toys“R”Us reportedly apologizes for Greninja amiibo confusion, blames Nintendo



Earlier today, Toys”R”Us shoppers in Fort Myers, Florida found themselves in a dilemma: Apply for a Toys”R”Us credit card in order to reserve a Greninja amiibo or leave empty-handed.

Following a number of complaints from those who were present, along with an outpouring of disgust among amiibo enthusiasts, the Toys”R”Us district manager for the Fort Myers area has reportedly responded to some of those complaints, attributing the required credit card application to a “store miscommunication” and apologizing for the inconvenience. While the store in question seems to have indeed sold out of their Greninja pre-orders to age-qualifying customers willing to apply for the cards, they assured the customer they would try to secure a non-reserved figure for him/her.

When asked about what was being done to accommodate the young child that was in line to pre-order the Greninja amiibo (and suspiciously not in school…) only to be told to leave since he was too young to apply for a credit card, the district manager passed the buck and blamed the vendor (Nintendo).


Missed out on Greninja amiibo pre-orders? Here are some of your options


In the United States, the Greninja amiibo for Super Smash Bros. is exclusive to Toys”R”Us, available only online and in-store. The problem for many fans and collectors is that online pre-orders went up and quickly sold out during the 2am hour on April 3rd, and in-store pre-orders almost certainly sold out within minutes of opening this morning. Some people missed out on both opportunities. Now what?

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Broken Age Original Soundtrack to be released digitally April 28th, on CD this June


Coinciding with tomorrow’s release of the second and final act of Broken Age, the complete original soundtrack by Peter McConnell will be released on digital services on Tuesday, April 28th. Not a fan of high compression? A full CD release will be arriving in June.

The soundtrack features the talents of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the New Vocal String Quartet, and Clarinet Thing. You can never go wrong with more clarinets.

Broken Age represents McConnell’s latest collaboration with designer Tim Schafer. The two previously worked on Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island games, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend.

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Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai hoping to offer as much DLC as possible


Following the release of Mewtwo as playable character DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U, and with the arrival of Lucas on the horizon, series director Masahiro Sakurai has noted in his Famitsu column that while they won’t create more DLC indefinitely, he’s hoping to make the most of the opportunity.

It’s a huge undertaking to create a fighter, so I think we can’t make them in large quantities. I’d also like to feel refreshed when the project is over. However, since we have decided to tackle [DLC] once, I’d like to offer as much fun [content] as possible. It will take a while from now, but please look forward to it.

Ever since Fire Emblem: Awakening, Nintendo hasn’t shied away from quality DLC, this being the case most recently in Mario Kart 8Hyrule Warriors, and now Super Smash Bros. We already know that Nintendo is taking fan votes into consideration (where you’re all hopefully voting for Wave Race‘s Ryota Hayami, 1080°‘s Akari Hayami, Splatoon‘s Inkling, and Bomberman), but it will be interesting to see which characters Sakurai-san already has in mind.

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Deanna Brydson takes Toon Link amiibo back to Outset Island with this customized amiibo


We’ve seen plenty of customized Toon Link amiibo before, and we’ve even seen a few version of Toon Link in his Outset Island clothes. Deanna Brydson, who had previously created a Skyloft Link amiibo, decided to tackle Outset Link (for the second time, apparently) for her most recent custom project.

The end result, seen both above and in more photos after the break, was a very detailed and polished Outset Link, and one of the more impressive ones out there.

If you’re interested in buying one of Deanna’s customs or want to commission a new one from her, be sure to check out her Etsy shop. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest works, and head past the break for a couple more photos of Outset Island Toon Link!


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Pokémon Shuffle reaches 3.5 million downloads; kicks off Celebi event


If you’re one of the now 3.5 million players of Pokémon Shuffle, you have three weeks to try and catch the mythical Celebi. The special stage, available in the new 1.1.11 update, can be played up until 6:00am UTC on May 18th, and is the only way players will be able to catch the time traveling Pokémon.

If you manage to catch Celebi, its skill is Stabilize. Stabilize will randomly erase one disruption from the puzzle area from time to time.

Have you caught Celebi yet? What was your rank? Let us know in the comments!

Pokémon Shuffle
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Toys”R”Us in Fort Myers, FL requiring credit card application with Greninja amiibo pre-orders

UPDATE: Other TRU locations didn’t require a credit card application but allowed early access to the store for those willing to apply.

Toys”R”Us began taking in-store pre-orders for the Greninja and Pac-Man amiibo figures this morning ahead of their May 29th launch. Knowing that these toys are a hot commodity, it seems like at least one location is taking advantage of their customers.

The Toys”R”Us in Fort Myers, Florida reportedly only gave pre-order cards to customers willing to apply for a Toys”R”Us credit card. This requirement was not officially part of the pre-order promotion event nor was it an option for managers according to the previously leaked internal memo.

While we’re certain that someone at that store will be getting a phone call, this appears to be an isolated incident. Were you able to pre-order either Greninja or Pac-Man this morning without issue?

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Gengar, the lovable ghost, joins the Pokkén Tournament roster

pokken-gengar-02-720x403Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon, is now the sixth confirmed fighter to make it onto the Pokkén Tournament roster. As announced during yesterday’s NicoNico stream, Gengar won a Twitter poll for the Pokémon fans most wanted to see in the game.

In Pokkén Tournament, Gengar will be able to use a wide variety of ghost-type moves, such as Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, and Lick — Gengar’s most iconic move. He is also the third Pokémon that will be able to Mega Evolve during battle, which is sure to please a lot of fans. I just hope they put in an alternate costume for shiny Mega Gengar…