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Total War: Attila Release Date Set

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Cloudberry Kingdom: A perfect platformer conquers E3

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New DuckTales trailer proves the quack is back

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Insider Look: SimCity’s GlassBox Engine

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EA releases Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer

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Ridge Racer Unbounded delayed until later

If it was delayed at all, it would be until later. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed III Steelbook now available with pre-order

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Mass Effect 3 download won’t be available to anyone until midnight Pacific Time

No staggered release for Mass Effect 3… EST release set for 3am. Continue reading

Capcom acknowledges Vita characters are locked away on Street Fighter X Tekken’s 360/PS3/PC discs

The publisher explains why we’ll need to pay for parts of a game we already bought. Continue reading