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Nintendo celebrates Fire Emblem’s 25th Anniversary with a 25% off eShop sale in Japan

The anniversary sale ends on May 6th. In other news, it appears I need to obtain a Japanese Wii U this week… Continue reading

Fort Myers Toys“R”Us reportedly apologizes for Greninja amiibo confusion, blames Nintendo

Following a number of complaints, the Toys”R”Us district manager for the Fort Myers area has reportedly responded to some disappointed customers. Continue reading

Missed out on Greninja amiibo pre-orders? Here are some of your options

Online and in-store pre-orders for the Greninja amiibo in the United States are done and over with, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get him at all! Continue reading

Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai hoping to offer as much DLC as possible

Series director Masahiro Sakurai has noted in his Famitsu column that while they won’t create more DLC indefinitely, he’s hoping to make the most of the opportunity. Continue reading

Deanna Brydson takes Toon Link amiibo back to Outset Island with this customized amiibo

Deanna Brydson, who had previously created a Skyloft Link amiibo, decided to tackle Outset Link (for the second time, apparently) for her most recent custom project. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us in Fort Myers, FL requiring credit card application with Greninja amiibo pre-orders

While we’re certain that someone at that store will be getting a phone call, this appears to be an isolated incident. Continue reading

Gengar, the lovable ghost, joins the Pokkén Tournament roster

Emerging from the shadows, Gengar is the first ghost-type Pokémon making it onto the Pokkén Tournament roster — thanks to Twitter and Gengar’s many fans. Continue reading

Custom, meticulously painted White Marth amiibo by klimeo

I guess that’s one way to celebrate Fire Emblem’s 25th anniversary. Continue reading

Catch a special Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase starting today at 11am PDT

Visit on Friday, April 24, at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET for a video showcase about Xenoblade Chronicles X. Continue reading

New amiibo CPSIAs added to Nintendo website: Ike, Marth, and more

Information regarding the CPSIA certificates for amiibo. Continue reading