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Nintendo Download for March 5, 2015: Cross-buy Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

You can buy Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars for either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS and you’ll get the other version for free! Continue reading

Today’s Splatoon update: Judd sleeps a lot

The latest Splatoon update has a 30-second clip of… Judd the Cat sleeping out in the public plaza. Continue reading

Custom Penguin Mario amiibo by Jared Flores

We haven’t seen this level of painting detail on custom amiibo figures very often. The overalls have an appropriate texture, and the sculpting is incredibly precise. Continue reading

Pokkén Tournament location tests set for March 7-8 in Japan

Two more location tests for the arcade game Pokkén Tournament have been announced for four locations this weekend in Japan. Continue reading

Select Best Buy stores restocking Captain Falcon and Little Mac amiibo this week

Keep an eye out in case you’re still looking to obtain either figure. There are no such things as “unicorns,” folks! Continue reading

Preorders just a “small fraction” of Gold Mario amiibo supply; more in-store on March 20

Nintendo has reassured its social followers that preorders only spoke for a portion of the entire Gold Edition Super Mario amiibo supply. Continue reading

Latest Splatoon update shows off the .52 Gallon weapon in action

The latest Splatoon updates are in from the Squid Research Lab. Today, we get a look at the .52 Gallon shooter! Continue reading

Australia getting Netflix on Wii U (and everything else) starting March 24th

Netflix is the leading Internet TV service, streaming licensed and original content directly to the receiving platform of choice. Continue reading

Nintendo confirms additional production of Villager, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon amiibo; shipping in May

Nintendo of Japan has posted an apology to customers unable to find certain amiibo due to scarcity, and has promised that additional productions of three figures are under way. Continue reading

Nintendo of America confirms additional shipments of Marth amiibo for late April

If you felt a disturbance in the Force, it’s because thousands of scalpers suddenly cried out in terror. Continue reading