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Miyamoto: Discontinued amiibo figures could be brought back in card form

Alph Cards. Remember Alph? He’s back… in card form. Continue reading

Nintendo files for extension to declare intent to use Eternal Darkness trademark

This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting an Eternal Darkness release soon, but it keeps hope alive. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us says amiibo pre-orders not canceled; cites “technical issue”

The retailer says all previous pre-orders will be fulfilled as ordered. Continue reading

Fire Emblem Awakening Comic Anthology available in Japan starting December 25th

The entirety of the comic anthology publication will be available for 910 yen, tax included. Continue reading

Target confirms Rosalina existing pre-orders valid; no more pre-orders online

Get a pre-order in? Good news! Missed out? Bad news… Continue reading

Online Lucario pre-orders briefly return, then all Wave 3 amiibo disappear from Toys”R”Us

It’s like they’ve been erased… Erased from existence. Continue reading pre-orders for Rosalina & Luma’s Super Smash Bros. amiibo now live

Shine Get! Continue reading

Target seemingly delaying and/or canceling amiibo pre-orders as well

A second major retailer has joined in on the overnight amiibo cancelations. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us amiibo cancelations reportedly due to delays and constrained supply

We’ve updated our accompanying image. No more question mark. Continue reading

Japan to get hidden ability Serperior, Emboar, Samurott event distributions

In just over a week, Japanese players should look out for these Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire distributions! Continue reading