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Aksys Games officially announces Zero Escape 3 for Summer 2016

Aksys Games officially reveals Zero Escape 3 for Summer 2016 on Playstaion Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading

Best Buy confirms Dark Pit amiibo exclusively in stores on July 31st with no pre-orders

The figure will launch exclusively in brick-and-mortar Best Buy stores – which, by deduction, implies not on – on Friday, July 31st. Continue reading

Dark Pit amiibo confirmed to be exclusive to Best Buy in North America

The online listing is accompanied by an “Only at Best Buy” indication, so you won’t find the Kid Icarus antihero at your local Target or Toys”R”Us store. Continue reading

Fire Emblem Fates tops the Japanese sales charts with over 300k sold in four days

Fire Emblem Fates, known as Fire Emblem If in Japan, launched on Thursday, June 25 and managed to blow away competition with total sales of 303,666 among the Birthright, Conquest, and Special Edition retail versions. Continue reading

Reggie: There might be “variants” of the New Nintendo 3DS released in the near future

Could North America finally be getting the smaller New Nintendo 3DS? Or are we simply going to be getting new colors and/or new limited edition models? Continue reading

Pokémon Shuffle’s Mega Manectric event begins today, runs until July 6th

A Mega Manectric Competitive Event is now live for Pokémon Shuffle. It runs from today until July 6th 05:00 UTC. Continue reading

Sakurai thought about dropping Pac-Man from Smash Bros. if old-school design was rejected

If Namco had forced Pac-Man’s newer “Ghostly Adventures” design on Sakurai, Pac-Man may have been dropped from Smash Bros. Continue reading

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Splatoon tournaments coming in July

Celebrate July 4th by battling it out online in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Splatoon! Continue reading

Nintendo confirms Fire Emblem Fates will allow for same-sex marriages

Today while doing press for Fire Emblem Fates, Nintendo confirmed a huge new feature coming to the game. Continue reading

Iwata Asks for Fire Emblem Fates now live

The Iwata Asks for Fire Emblem Fates has gone live in English today. Continue reading