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Nintendo enters mobile scene with upcoming social app

Nintendo’s first mobile app will be available in March 2016! Continue reading

Rayman Adventures announced for mobile platforms

Ubisoft announced today that the Rayman franchise will make its way to mobile and smart devices this fall with a new installment titled Rayman Adventures. Continue reading

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile to launch later this year

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will be released later this year for both Apple and Android devices. Continue reading

Sega removes 16 games from iOS App Store and/or Google Play

Sega previously stated that some of the removed titles might return at a later date in updated forms. Continue reading

Iwata says no NX, smart device games, or Quality of Life products from Nintendo at E3 2015

Iwata reiterated that revealing the NX project during the DeNA alliance press conference was simply to demonstrate Nintendo’s commitment to dedicated game platforms. Continue reading

Broken Age Original Soundtrack to be released digitally April 28th, on CD this June

Coinciding with tomorrow’s release of the second and final act of Broken Age, the complete original … Continue reading

Nintendo’s smart device games developed primarily by Nintendo; DeNA handling service operations

DeNA’s existing game catalog will have almost zero influence on the games to come from their alliance with Nintendo. Continue reading

Nintendo focusing on preserving their brand image when it comes to mobile payment models

Packaged? Free-to-Play? Basically, they’ll choose a payment model that doesn’t end with us resenting them. Continue reading

First smartphone games from Nintendo and DeNA alliance to come out this year

What Nintendo IPs do you expect to see first? While it certainly won’t be a main series Super Mario game, some sort of Mario spinoff seems like a safe bet, don’t you think? Continue reading

Nintendo and DeNA join forces to bring Nintendo games to smartphones and tablets

Nintendo Co., Ltd. and DeNA Co., Ltd. today entered into a business and capital alliance to develop and operate new game apps for smart devices and build a new multi-device membership service for consumers worldwide. Continue reading