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Special Darkrai Pokémon distribution coming to Korean movie theaters

For those in Korea, grab Darkrai at the theater! Everyone else, get ready to trade! Continue reading

Square Enix reveals new Final Fantasy XV trailer at Jump Festa 2015

Check out the full trailer after the break. Continue reading

The Tanooki’s Guide to Proudly Displaying Your amiibo Collection

You’ve got tons of amiibo. Now where are you going to put them all? Continue reading

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest scores its first gameplay trailer

Still three months out, get a sneak peek at the newest Theatrhythm game! Continue reading

Rosalina amiibo goes back up for pre-order… and then back down

Were you one of the lucky ones to get through tonight? Continue reading

The Tanooki’s Daily Recap – December 19, 2014

It’s been a long day, thanks to Toys”R”Us! Catch up on the day’s news! Continue reading

Miyamoto: Discontinued amiibo figures could be brought back in card form

Alph Cards. Remember Alph? He’s back… in card form. Continue reading

Miyamoto: Nintendo working on ideas for the Wii U’s successor

Because… duh. Continue reading

Nintendo files for extension to declare intent to use Eternal Darkness trademark

This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting an Eternal Darkness release soon, but it keeps hope alive. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us says amiibo pre-orders not canceled; cites “technical issue”

The retailer says all previous pre-orders will be fulfilled as ordered. Continue reading