Join The Tanooki

The Tanooki is currently a collection of volunteer writers bringing you news directly from our industry connections. As we hope to begin the transition to turning The Tanooki into a profitable business and expanding beyond just gaming news, our owners need to begin devoting their time to expanding the team, securing funds and resources, and planning for the future. While our personal attention will need to shift away from the news blog, we don’t want to see The Tanooki neglected. As such, we are looking for reporters and writers who not only have the potential to quickly settle in and handle the daily writing workload, but we’re especially hoping to find those willing to work to eventually fill editor roles and perhaps even the editor-in-chief role at some point. We are looking to fill the following role(s):

NEWS & CULTURE TEAM (click here for more info):

  • News/Culture Reporters
  • Editors

PODCASTS TEAM (click here for more info):

  • Hosts
  • Producers


  • WordPress theme/plugin designer and programmer – We have some super ambitious plans, but need an amazing programmer or two to do it.
  • Social Media Bargain Hunter

We highly encourage those of you in or recently out of college to apply. Here’s why: this site was founded by a couple of college sophomores in 2007, and we found that to be incredibly ideal for us. Until we make the transition to a commercial business, all positions are voluntary (though there is a compensation program in place). College students often have both the free time, ambition, and sufficient skills to contribute to a site like this.

All applicants are asked to send in a list of credentials (a mini-resume, if you will) (or a full one, whatever). If you have questions, feel free to ask first. Please submit all materials to along with your name, age, general location, and a short blurb about yourself. We’ll review your stuff and get back to you as soon as we can!