E3 2017 Predictions & Preview: Nintendo Spotlight

It’s the final one, gamers! We’ve previewed EA, Ubisoft, Xbox, and PlayStation. That only leaves Nintendo left to discuss. What’s in store for the Nintendo Switch? Does the Nintendo 3DS have any big games left on the horizon? Will we finally see Metroid Prime 4? Will the video presentation be more than ten minutes? Let’s dive in!

What We Know So Far:

The Switch is a commercial success! Now that the system is out, it’s time to show some more games, right? Breath of the Wild can only last gamers for so long. Nintendo has to show some other major games coming for the system. Whether those games are Wii U ports or new titles remains to be the big question, especially given the massive success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

What we know so far is that Super Mario Odyssey will be shown extensively on the show floor. I’d be shocked if we also don’t get a release date for what is arguably the most anticipated title for the system. I’d put five down on it hitting the Friday before Thanksgiving, which is typically Nintendo’s annual day for its biggest release of the year.

I’ll be stunned if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 makes it to shelves by the end of this year given that Monolith Soft makes such massive games. I think we’ll see the game finally in action at E3, but a 2018 release date seems very likely.

As a massive Fire Emblem fan, I hope we see more of Fire Emblem Warriors in action and get a release date to go with it. I’m not crossing my fingers on seeing 2018’s Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch just yet. I think we’ll see that after development progresses further along.

Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon will be on the show floor, but I don’t think any time will be used during the showcase to show off more of those games. That does lead us though to some of the burning questions surrounding Nintendo this E3.

What Could Be Revealed:

Having the newest system on the block, rumors have been swirling around the Internet about what could be revealed for the Switch. Everything from Metroid to Smash Bros. is fair game. So let’s run down each rumor.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s rumored port to the Nintendo Switch started when someone on 4Chan posted images that looked like hi-resolution snapshots of the 3DS game. Upon further investigation, the images were ultimately proven fake. Will a brand new Smash Bros. game come to the Switch? Not yet. Director Masahiro Sakurai and his team just finished development on the Wii U installment’s DLC about a year ago, so I think Smash for Switch is a little far off. A port of the Wii U game does seem possible though. It could just be an enhanced port as was Mario Kart 8, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

When it comes to Metroid, I have been wishing for Metroid Prime 4 for so many years. I’m not going down that road again! Unfortunately, I know that hope will creep back once the press event starts. We don’t know exactly what Retro Studios has been up to since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. What have they been working on since? It has to be something big. Until we see what that game is, I personally have to hold out a glimmer of hope it’s Metroid Prime 4, as I’m sure do many other gamers.

If there’s one thing I witnessed on the Internet the other day after the Pokémon direct, it’s that everyone wants a true Pokémon RPG on the Switch. Everyone was so salty that we got Pokken Tournament instead of the rumored Pokémon Stars that they could have opened up a new pretzel factory. The Internet acted as if the lack of an announcement last week of a Pokémon RPG for Switch meant that no true Pokemon game could ever come to the system. I think one day it will – just not yet. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company always wait until each new hardware platform has an established user base before launching main series Pokémon games, rather than jumping on the bandwagon while the systems are in their infancy. It’s a smart move, too – keep the 3DS alive for as long as possible and biding time while millions and millions of Nintendo Switch consoles fly of shelves before needing any help from Pokémon. Just chill, relax, and be patient. I believe Pokemon for the Switch will come at some point, just not yet.

I’ll wrap up quickly with two more points. I don’t know what amiibo get announced, if any, at E3. If any do they will be to coincide with a major game announcement. As for any mobile games, I think Nintendo saves that for a specific direct and that the next mobile game we see will be for Animal Crossing. I don’t think we see that during the spotlight though.


That’s all for the E3 previews. Thanks for reading and check back next week for my weekly opinion column. Happy E3 week everyone!

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