E3 2017 Predictions & Preview: EA, Bethesda, & Ubisoft

That’s right gamers! E3 is mere weeks away and the leaks are probably going to start rolling out any day now. I’m going to do my best to start predictions before the sleuths of the internet prove me either right or wrong. Let’s get things started the wrong way with Electronic Arts!

Electronic Arts

What We Know So Far:

All the usual suspects in the sport gaming scene will reappear and showcase that sporting games haven’t changed in almost ten years with the exception of improved graphics. Madden NFL 18 will be there with Tom Brady gracing the cover on the G.O.A.T. Edition (shudder). NBA Live will threaten to come out of retirement again after an off year with NBA Live 18. Finally, FIFA 18 will be there again to probably talk about how the eSports scene for FIFA is fantastic, because it’s not like gamers are watching the conference to see new games, right? That would be silly!

In terms of non-sport games, Battlefront II will get some spotlight and a new Need For Speed game is expected to be shown.

What Could Be Revealed:

Honestly, EA is so predictable, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have confirmed everything they are showing. I’d bet they won’t even show Fe, the only game that woke me up during their presser last year.

The sad part is EA has IPs that could capture my attention with new reveals. If Dead Space 4 gets announced, I’d pray to God they fix what went wrong with Dead Space 3. If a new Burnout game were to be announced, “Paradise City” would probably start playing in my head to a barrage of crazy car crashes. If SSX were to get a new installment that suggested the franchise were to go back to its roots with gameplay à la SSX Tricky or SSX 3, I’d go start waxing my own snowboard on the spot in excitement (no, that’s not an euphemism for anything).

I know how EA rolls though – we won’t see any of these games. That would only get people excited, and EA over the last three, four, ten years has shown time and time again they don’t really care about their consumer base.

And yes, I know Battlefront II looks cool, but I’m still not sold. Sorry. We all thought the first Battlefield looked fantastic and look what happened.

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