Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games head to Wii U Virtual Console


Continuing the expansion of the Wii U Virtual Console, fans can now access the first of hopefully many classic Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games from the eShop. Yoshi’s Island DS (Yoshi’s Island 2) and the Nintendo 64 version of Super Mario 64 are both available this very moment.

The TV and Wii U GamePad will serve as the top and bottom screen for the dual-screen layouts of Nintendo DS games. Nintendo 64 games that supported the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak will indeed support rumble features via the Wii U controllers that support rumble.

Next Thursday, WarioWare: Touched! from the Nintendo DS will become available on the Wii U Virtual Console, while Donkey Kong 64 will arrive for the service the following week on April 16th. Subsequent Nintendo DS titles on the service will include Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!Mario Kart DS, and Yoshi: Touch & Go, while the N64’s Paper Mario is also slated for release.

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About the Author: Christian Ponte