CPSIA Certificates indicate Gold, Silver editions of Super Mario amiibo on the way


New CPSIA certificates have revealed Nintendo’s hopes of releasing gold and silver editions of the Super Mario series Mario amiibo. Previously, CPSIA certificates helped to give us an idea of the length of production runs for each amiibo.

The figures have not officially been announced, but the certificates indicate that they were manufactured during the months of December and January. Could these be special editions for a special occasion? A final Club Nintendo Elite Status reward, perhaps?

Nintendo (2)

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • Gabriel

    Hopefully the Gold one is for… well, Gold status. Cause that’s my current rank.

    • SaCul

      probably not. (although that would be awesome)

      From the club nintendo closing FAQ

      “Members who reach Elite Status will be able to choose a downloadable game from a wide selection of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles. Your free Elite Status gift will be available between April 1 and April 30, 2015. A list of the Elite Status 2015 gifts will be posted here once announced”

      Apparently we’re all getting downloadable games again.

      • thetanooki

        Officially that’s true, but seeing as these figures haven’t even been announced, it’s possible Nintendo was planning one last surprise before Club Nintendo kicked the bucket.

      • Kar Wai Wong

        I really hope it’s not a Club Nintendo reward as I have nearly nothing registered on their because…well the same reason why their cancelling it. The rewards are terrible in comparison to what they used to be and everyone forgets about Club Nintendo. But if it is, then I’m going to be furiously typing all my unused codes (which there are a lot) into my account just to get that Gold/Silver Mario amiibo.

      • SaCul

        they actully just added a bunch of good stuff. over 100 downloadable games.

        might be worth all the typing.

        and if they give these out as the platinum/gold reward, they will announce it after the deadline for entering codes (like they do every year). so you might wanna type your codes in….just in case.

      • Kar Wai Wong

        Too bad for me, Those are for US only, I live in the UK. Trust me if you thought the ones in the US are bad, Take a look on the UK one.
        Oh Joy! Festive Wrapping paper! Mobile Ringtones! Relaxation Sets! Fun for all the Family! You can get a launch title 3DS game on yours! Oh wait! I just had the sudden realisation that it might be something like a Japan exclusive or something! Please nooo…

      • lllSabatalll

        I actually hope it -is- a Club Nintendo Platinum/Gold Reward.
        Because we all know we wouldn’t have a chance at them otherwise.
        Damn scalpers. Lol

      • Gabriel

        Well that sucks. You’d think Club NIntendo would ATLEAST give us something good for the final Elite gift.

  • Colin Tosh

    Personally I can’t see the point of these. I can go for a few redesigns and new characters that don’t get Smash amiibos (like Toad) but these just seem like something for people to throw bragging rights around.