Will other Nintendo franchises get the Mario Maker treatment? Bill Trinen answers


Mario Maker is coming to the Wii U this year, allowing fans to create custom levels in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario Bros. U, and hopefully more, which can then be played just like classic Super Mario levels.

While that game has yet to be released, some have started to wonder: Will we ever get Zelda MakerMetroid MakerFire Emblem Maker? Nintendo’s Bill Trinen spoke to RGI about the possibilities:

“We have nothing to announce on that now. Mr. (Takashi) Tezuka is working hard on Mario Maker and the game is progressing really nicely. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing what people are able to do with the game when it comes out. During E3, we had everyone from moms and kids to longtime Nintendo fans and newer folks who just got into gaming lately just having tons of fun with the way they’re able to create stages. Depending on how people react, we’ll see if the teams take a similar approach with other franchises.”

Basically, if Mario Maker is a success with the fans both critically and commercially, it might spark interest in Nintendo’s other development teams who might want to explore the notion of level creators for their franchises.

Reno Gazette-Journal

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  • AuronZanark

    Fire Emblem Maker is more feasible than Legend of Zelda Maker.