The Tanooki’s Guide to Proudly Displaying Your amiibo Collection


You’ve purchased some Super Smash Bros. amiibo. Perhaps you purchased more than you intended. Maybe you’ve even put yourself on the fast track to obtaining all of them. Good for you. Now what?

Many fans have started looking for options to display their colorful collections. Of course, while the original boxes for these figures look great, they can be a big waste of space: one look at your Kirby amiibo in its packaging and you’ll be saying, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Well, there are! After the break, we’ll show you some of the display options people from around the Internet have been using to display their unboxed amiibo armies. We’ll keep updating this list, too, so be sure to let us know if you’ve got a great solution of your own!


10492217_793369117403195_6528361312068287900_nClear Amac Boxes

Want to display your figures individually? Startoonhero recommends these Amac Boxes. You can even copy the idea of placing the figures on LED lights (separate) that illuminate the containers from the base for a cool glow effect.

The Amac Boxes are available in different sizes, and while some amiibo might fit into the smaller/cheaper cases, our guess is that the 3-7/16″ square by 6-5/16″ tall case for $2.59 each is your best “catch all” option for larger amiibo and/or if you want a matching collection. Of course, if you have a lot of amiibo and want this encased in glass, you might as well get a large case and put them all in it together. These Amac Boxes are probably better if you have a small collection or perhaps just a few individual favorites out of a larger collection and want to make them stand out.

Available at The Container Store ($2.59 each)



Copco Non-skid Cabinet Organizer

Maybe you want to display your many amiibo figures out in the open, but you still want a neat, affordable way to show them off. Reddit user VegastarLH suggests the Copco Non-skid Cabinet Organizer. You can see VegastarLH’s full collection of the first two waves of amiibo in the photo above. Simple enough, right?

This particular spice rack has three tiers, spans 15″ wide, and is easy to clean. You’ll probably need a second or third of these if you plan to get most or all of the Smash Bros. amiibo, but luckily the price is just right!

Available at ($7.99 each)




Azar Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

Maybe you want a simple, tiered display stand, but you don’t want the stand to visibly detract attention away from your amiibo. Go for a clear one! Reddit’s MattNvk likes this acrylic step display for his figures.

They’re crystal clear, and appear to be just deep enough to hold amiibo on each level — though it will be interesting to see if these can comfortably hold amiibo significantly larger than their bases, such as Bowser and Dedede. Matt mentions that buying 4 of the 9″ displays should provide you with enough real estate to display all your amiibo once the entire Super Smash Bros. roster has been released. You can see a photo of such a setup here.

Available at (12″, $23.01 each), (9″, $16.48 each), and Staples (9″, 2-pack for $20.99)



Acrylic Showcase Display Stand 3-Tier

Here’s a really classy one. Zakka has a curved, 3-tier display. Unlike the other choices on our list, this one’s not quite so “boxy” and might be more appealing to some of you wanting something more stylish.

Each tier measures 2 1/4″ in depth, and 2.5″ wide. The bottom tier is 14″ in length, the middle is 12″, and the top is 10″, so you won’t fit quite as many amiibo (maybe 14, 15 tops?) on this display as you would some other options on this list, but that’s the tradeoff for such an attractive display. Overall, the display is 14″ x 8″ x 6.5″.

Available at Zakka Canada (C$26.95 each; checkout to pay in USD)



T case (L) Stage Basic Black

Was the previous display great… except for the fact that your figures would easily collect dust? Reddit’s Villag3Idiot has another solution for you in the form of the T-case Stage (large, black). The glass case protects your figures from dust, and multiple cases stack very well on top of one another.

It seems you can fit 9 amiibo in a single case comfortably, 12 if you’re really packing them in. You’ll need three of them if you plan to collect all the Smash Bros. amiibo (assuming they’re releasing one per playable roster character), but one should suffice for most people.

Available at ($23.96 each)

There are a few more high-end options we think are worth considering, so click on through to the next page to check them out!

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

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  • Villag3Idiot

    Hello, Villag3Idiot here.

    I apologise, I was wrong about the T Case (L) Stage Black. It isn’t big enough to fit that many amiibos, but this case will:

    New Clear Collection 400UV

    • Austin

      How many amiibo can you fit per row on the T case?

    • Mike

      How many amiibo will this one fit in? The T case had a problem with the glass cover being too low and the taller Amiibo could only fit in the first row, does this one have that same problem?

  • Villag3Idiot

    And probably the cheapest option for displaying a complete set of amiibos, or figurines in general while protecting them from dust:

  • Ryan

    Bookmarked for future usage! I really like the train and illuminated displays and of course the custom stage one! I really want to design a wall mounted display in the shape of the roster to hold mine, but want to wait to know where Mewtwo will fit on there and if other characters may be added.

  • Devon Henderson
  • Shade

    Where do u buy the led light for the amac box

  • Mark

    I’d love for an updated article with more choices in the $60 – $300 range if you can find more glass cases.