Colorful 3DS XL charging docks added to Club Nintendo in Japan

3DS XL Charging Dock

The rewards featured on Club Nintendo aren’t always the most intriguing items — I can’t exactly say I was floored by the colored Wii Remote wrist straps. The newest reward addition however is both awesome, and practical.

The Club Nintendo service in Japan just added the Nintendo 3DS XL charging dock to its rewards section, available in an array of exclusive colors. The colorful charging dock makes it easier to plop your handheld down in a rush, without fiddling with the cable and charging port each time. The original Nintendo 3DS came bundled with the bite-size dock, but XL owners were left in the dust.

Japanese club members can pick theirs up for just 200 coins. Let’s hope we get these in the states as soon as possible.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD