Attention! New Wii U announcements imminent


A brand-spanking new Nintendo Direct has been announced via the company’s official Twitter, set to air Wednesday morning. Starting at 9am EST, Nintendo will talk solely about Wii U, discussing new software and enhancements to services with the home console. Given the lukewarm press surrounding the console over the last few months, I’m expecting big things from tomorrow.

Separate videos are planned for North America, Europe, and Japan, and while it’s assumed some of the region specific details may differ, the general announcements will likely be the same. Will it be another Yoshi’s Island sequel? A new StarFox? A tease of a new Donkey Kong Country? Either way, I’m really hoping for something from Retro Studios. I’m dying to know what the’ve been working on.

Tune into Nintendo’s official site tomorrow morning to see what new announcements the company has in store. Any theories?

Nintendo Direct

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Baltimore, MD

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