Pokémon X, Y mascots to be named Xerneas and Yveltal



There we have it — the legendary Pokémon revealed at the end of yesterday’s trailer have officially been gives names. The X-shaped deer will be named Xerneas and the Y-shaped bird has been christened Yveltal. What do you think? I sure hope the games (if not these, then perhaps the next ones) move from the digital cries of the Pokémon to recorded cries based off their names, a la the anime. It would be much easier than trying to guess the pronunciations!

I’m calling it now — the inevitable Z-shaped member of the legendary trio and mascot of the third game will be a sea-dwelling water-type Pokémon… unless, of course, that’s too similar to Hoenn’s weather trio. I think it’s safe to assume its name will begin with the letter “Z,” though.

Pokémon (Facebook)

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