Safely do a barrel roll with this portable SNES case

SN Kit 2Surely, half of the allure of the Wii U is the duality of home console meets portable handheld. Sadly, that darn console requires a constant power source. Although not yet looking to correct the issue for Nintendo’s newest console, Reddit user robotairz took a stab at creating a portable solution for the Super Nintendo. The result? A fully operational SNES console, tightly housed in an indestructible banana yellow carrying case.

The industrial strength casing looks plenty durable for even the wildest of your gaming sessions. The SNES console is actually battery powered, so claiming this gem as your one carry-on item is more than acceptable. Sure, downloading an emulator and a few roms on a smartphone would make reliving your 16-bit adventures a tad more convenient, but this is so much more fun!… and over the top… and obnoxious.

If you prefer the 8-bit era, robotairz also modded a NES cartridge to feature a display and NES controller keypad and buttons. Seriously. You’d have to see it to believe it. Take a look at more photos of robotairz creations on his Imgur page, linked below.

via Joystiq

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