GameStop Keldeo Pokémon distribution begins today

While the Japanese Pokémon trainers have already had the opportunity to complete their National Dexes of 649 pocket monsters, we over here are just now getting the opportunity to expand ours to 647.

Starting today and continuing through October 6th, owners of Pokémon Black and White can take their DS and games to GameStop stores across the nation to download the newest event Pokémon: Keldeo. The d’Artagnan-inspired member of the legendary musketeer quartet can then be traded to Black 2 and White 2 as soon as October 7th — when the new games launch — to transform Keldeo from its Ordinary Form into its Resolute Form and to teach it its signature Secret Sword move.

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • Ken Easton

    I think i am to late