Rumor: Nintendo renaming the Wii U?

Is Nintendo looking to move on from the Wii U moniker?

According to CVG sources, Nintendo was not pleased with the name confusion over the Nintendo 3DS and DS, a branding that left some consumers unsure which handheld they were purchasing. Seeking to prevent a similar situation when the Wii U debuts this year, a name change is apparently on the table.

Personally, I think “Wii U” sounds like the noise a hillbilly makes while exiting the outhouse, but that’s beside the point. The public already seems to be familiarizing itself with the name Wii U–would a name change backfire? Or could it help to quiet the complaints? And a better question, what will they name the Wii U instead?


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About the Author: Holly Green

  • Anonymous

    I could see this happen.