PETA attacks Super Mario 3D Land with “Mario Kills Tanooki” campaign

While Nintendo and most of the nation may be swept away by the adorable Tanooki mania, count animal rights group PETA as among those not so enchanted. With their new campaign “Mario Kills Tanooki”, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claims:

“Tanooki may be just a ‘suit’ in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.”

Visitors to their website can get in on this disturbing interpretation of activism by playing a flash game of a bloodied Tanooki retrieving his fur from Mario.

What an unreasonable but entirely predictable turn of events. PETA loves to do this right around the holidays (see: Cooking Mama). It’s a pretty good PR move, really: get the most innocuous and well beloved target you can find and attack without valid provocation. If you’re not concerned with constant alienating your target audience, it works exactly as planned.

Tell you what, I much prefer ole Mario in a single Tanooki suit to PETA’s hypocrisy, funding and support of domestic terrorism, and rampant disrespect for human life. Don’t you?


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About the Author: Holly Green

  • Unclemacabee

    Ha that’s awesome.  Maybe Nintendo should sue them for copyright infringement.  And like Holly mentioned taking money away from PETA is actually de-funding domestic terrorism.  And who wouldn’t be behind a cause like that.

    Also, I wonder what they would think about a game where you wear a human skin suit.  Humans are still animals, but I bet they would cheer on a game like that.  Especially if it was some animal (other than a human) that did the skinning and wearing of human suits.

    • Holly

      Hey, they advocate milking human women for mass consumption as an alternative to cow’s milk, who knows?

    • Marlo

      Nintendo can’t sue for Copyright Infringement. It’s a parody, so, iirc, peta gets away with it. No big deal. Just ignore it.

  • Paul Shuster

    It’s funny that the game in which Mario transforms into a a Tanuki after grabbing a Super Leaf ( ) is the one they have a problem with, and not the ones where he gets the actual Tanooki Suit.

  • Anonymous

    A question.   Before you heard about this campaign… Did you know that real Tankuki are skinned alive for their fur?   I wager that the vast majority of the people complaining about PETA exercising their right to protest the inclusion of this element of the game did NOT know about this incredible cruelty. 

     PETA, then, has done their job admirably, and this even alone makes me glad to be a member of PETA.   It’s all about raising awareness.

    • If you’re a member of PETA then you’re contributing to domestic terrorism directly with your money, which is used to support and provide legal defense for the Animal Liberation Front, who have among other things set off bombs. Bravo!

      The ends do not justify the means. The fact that they targeted this game was cheap and tacky and sensationalist, nothing more. Tell that to your PETA president when she’s taking insulin injections made from the very rabbit slavery she so decries.

      Now, don’t you have some dead puppies to be throwing in a dumpster?

  • Guest

    thislandisyourland:Regardless, The people running and supporting PETA are sick individuals.