Nintendo patents touch pad attachment for the Wii Remote

Could Nintendo be preparing the Wii Remote for touch screen Wii U functionality? A patent unearthed by Siliconera indicates so. As illustrated by the image above, the device would have an attachment that would handily outfit the Wii Remote with a small touch pad. The screen doesn’t compare to the Wii U controller we’ve seen demonstrated at E3 2011, but it does add an interesting spin. One of the biggest complaints about the Wii U is its inability to accommodate more than one of its new touch pad controllers at a time, a discrepancy that raised issues about what second, third, and fourth players would be missing out on in multiplayer games. An add-on screen would not only resolve that issue, but also eliminate some limitations for the developers.

And hey, the fact that it makes use of your Wii Remote with a new console (a feature we were already aware of…but still) ain’t too shabby either. This touch pad may have come out of left field, but Nintendo always managed to see their way through.


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About the Author: Holly Green