Swapnote bringing messaging to the 3DS

Those of you who read the 3DS manual may remember reading something about having the ability to send messages to people on your friends list. You may also remember not being able to do so.

Worry no longer, faithful gamer. Coming for free in December is a little app called Swapnote. Users will be able to send messages to their friends using SpotPass and StreetPass. Swapnote allows you to send hand-written messages (similar to PictoChat on DS) in 3D. It also provides the option of including pictures and sound in your messages.

I was expecting nothing more than the ability to send text-only messages when I read about messaging in the 3DS manual back in March. Although it has been a long wait, I cannot deny being pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of Swapnote.

Official Nintendo Magazine

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About the Author: Jack Fabris

  • Swapnote seems great, and I’m definitely happy we’ll be able to finally send messages to friends — especially since I’m going to want to start up a few Mario Kart 7 online matches! It’s long overdue, but worth the wait.