Is Nintendo preparing a Leaf Green 3DS for Luigi’s Mansion 2?

Answer: looks like it. This flyer, sent to NeoGaf by a video games clerk in Fukuoka, seems to show a new green 3DS, about the shade of Luigi’s overalls. Fittingly, the promo image is superimposed with the logo for Luigi’s Mansion 2, due sometime next year. The NeoGaf post also identifies the hue as “Leaf Green”, a name that for many might bring Pokémon to mind.

Sadly, as these things often go, it’s unlikely that the US will see a release of this green colored 3DS, if it does in fact exist. Nintendo seems to be unaware of my deep desire to have a 3DS to match every one of my nail polish colors. Make it happen, NOA.

NeoGaf Forums
via MyNintendoNews

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About the Author: Holly Green

  • Calztchi

    [I don’t know what the first line says] (released February 2012)
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 (released March 2012)
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Slide Pad Bundle Pack (released March 2012)
    Nintendo 3DS Green Leaf (released March 2012)
    Mario Tennis 3D (released April 2012)
    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (released April 2012)

    • Holly

      Awesome, thanks for that.