Four more Wii games joining “Nintendo Selects” budget line

Earlier this year, Nintendo created a budget line of first-party Wii games to be offered at a mere $19.99 each. The “Nintendo Selects” line launched in the U.S. with titles such as Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Animal Crossing: City Folks and Mario Super Sluggers. Now, Kotaku is reporting that four additional titles are set to join the exclusive club later this month.

The games include Super Paper MarioMario Strikers ChargedPunch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy, all reportedly set to drop their full retail prices to just $19.99. Unfortunately, like any good Nintendo fanboy, I already own these gems, but this is an absolutely terrific deal for those of you who haven’t picked them up yet. I mean come on, people. How can you live without playing Super Paper Mario when it’s just $20?

August 28 is the rumored date of release for the new lineup of Selects titles.


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