Was Rockstar working on an open world game for the DS?

This rumor will hurt like a kick to the face.

Here’s a fun rumor. Did I say fun? I mean this is a sheer masochism. According the sleuthing of SystemLink Nintendo, Rockstar Leeds, the developers of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, may have been working on an open world title for the Nintendo DS. An online resume listing by a former AI programmer who worked for Rockstar Leeds, read in part:

“Later I worked on an unannounced DS title set in a full 3D open world. For this title I worked on various AI Systems including a complex hand to hand combat system.”

Given how unlikely it is that Rockstar would continue to develop for the DS, the listing is probably referencing a cancelled title that will never see the light of day. Still though… fully 3D AND open world? I hope to the gaming gods the “DS” was a typo, and they programmer meant “3DS”, and this is for a title still on the way. Yeah, that’s what happened.

via GoNintendo

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