Don’t forget! Club Nintendo year ends June 30!

Listen up, Nintendo fanboys. You may want to log-in to your Club Nintendo accounts and check on your elite status, because the Club Nintendo year ends June 30. That’s Thursday, for those summer slackers that have no concept of time. Still no idea what I’m saying? You have FOUR days!

Club Nintendo gives free gifts to those who earn enough coins to warrant a Gold or Platinum status rank by the 30th. To earn a Gold level prize, you’ll need to scrounge up 300 coins, while Platinum rank is achieved at 600 coins. Last year’s Platinum prize was a Super Mario cast figurine, while Gold members received a calendar.

Last year, those secret prizes were announced on July 1 — which is a Friday this year — so you’ll likely discover what your well deserved gift is before the weekend. I’m hoping for some celebratory Legend of Zelda swag myself. What better way than to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary?


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • “What better way than to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary?”

    Free tickets to their anniversary symphony concerts. 🙂