E3 2011: Sony to stream press conference live to your Home

What are you doing Monday night? If it were up to Sony, you’d be on your PlayStation 3! SCEA will be streaming their 90-minute E3 press conference live over PlayStation Home beginning at 5p.m. Pacific Time. It’s the next best thing to seeing Jack Tretton and Co. making all the new announcements and reveals in person!

On top of that, Sony has gone ahead and recreated their entire booth from the West Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center in PlayStation Home, so you can walk around and explore from the comforts of your own home while thousands of people who paid to be there in person spend hours upon hours in each line. The virtual booth tours begin at noon on Tuesday, and will allow you to unlock exclusive Home content and access, including a 3D render of the NGP!


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About the Author: Christian Ponte


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