PSN officially back online

Sony has just announced that Playstation Network is finally back online. In a video announcement placed on their official blog, Executive Deputy President of Sony Kazuo Hirai confirmed the phased restoration of functionality to PSN across Playstation 3 and PSP, noting that users will have to change their password upon restoring their service. He added that the system’s security updates include “advanced security technology, increased levels of encryption, additional firewalls, and early warning detection systems for any unusual activity that could signal an attack on the network”.

He also said they were allowing customers who were concerned about their identity being stolen to enroll in identity theft programs at no cost, such as cyber monitoring or insurance, though details on that were not given. The “Welcome Back” package, providing free services to those affected by the outage, will also be announced formerly in the coming days.

For now, online multiplayer capabilities are restored as this phased restoration continues on a country by country basis. No specific times have been given for each region, but you can check out the progress on the Playstation Blog map if you’re feeling antsy.

Playstation Blog

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