Top 25 Pokémon Countdown 2011: #1

It’s time to journey across the Unova region! Pokémon Black and Pokémon White have already launched in Japan and across Europe, and they’ll officially become available in North America tomorrow morning. In celebration of the next generation of games, Tanooki staff have re-casted their votes for the top 25 Pokémon of all-time. For the launch of Diamond and Pearl, our list spanned the first three generations’ 386 Pokémon. This time, voting has been opened to all 649 Pokémon spread out over all five generations… but have the rankings changed?

We’ve been counting down the updated top 25 all week, and it all leads down to this last Pokémon. You’ve all got your predictions, you’ve all got your favorites, but do you know which creature gathered (by far) the most votes in order to appear just after the break?

#1 Mew

Who’s That Pokémon?
Known as the New Species Pokémon, Mew is said to possess DNA with the genetic code of nearly all existing Pokémon to date, and may possibly have been the primordial ancestor that seeded all Pokémon life on the planet. As a result, Mew has the ability to learn all moves attainable via Technical Machine, Hidden Machine, and tutoring, as well as the ability to transform into other Pokémon.

An ancient, South American Pokémon, Mew was long thought to have become extinct. Recent sightings and scientific evidence, however, have confirmed that Mew’s rare appearances are explained by the simple facts that it can use transform as well as render itself invisible to the naked eye. Many people assume their sightings of Mew are merely mirages, but it turns out that Mew will appear to those with a pure heart and strong will to encounter Mew.

In the video games, Mew is only obtainable natively in Pokémon Emerald — and even then, the map needed to find it was only available to Japanese gamers. Everyone else had to rely on distribution events in order to obtain a Mew, including such events as the Toys ‘R’ Us distribution in 2006 to promote Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and the more-recent Wi-Fi distribution in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Pokémon Gold & Silver.

In the anime, Mew has made a number of significant appearance, starting with its role in Pokémon: The First Movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. Floating in a body of water and sealed in a protective bubble, Mew awoke and emerged to fly off on an adventure. It found its way to Mewtwo’s fortress, coincidentally where Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, and other Pokémon trainers were being held against their will as Mewtwo, a cloned Pokémon genetically engineered from Mew’s DNA, took the trainers’ Pokémon in order to create a superior clone army. Despite Mew’s playful and seemingly immature behavior — Mew became distracted and started chasing its tail as Mewtwo was giving it a speech — Mew was shown to possess excellent intelligence, wisdom, and battle strategies as it easily matched Mewtwo’s power. The stalemate was interrupted when their powerful attacks petrified Ash Ketchum.

Why did we pick it?
With high-ranking votes from every Tanooki contributer, Mew has once again claimed the number one spot on our top 25 Pokémon list. There was some controversy when Mew won last time we did our top Pokémon list, but as we explained before and will do again, there are many reasons why Mew deserves to win this spot, even multiple times!

In the Red and Blue generation there were 150 Pokémon total that could be caught between the two games, but Nintendo included a unique addition to the roster: An ultra-rare, 151st Pokémon that could only be obtained through exclusive Nintendo events and distributions. Single handedly, Mew promoted the social aspect of the franchise. Mew encouraged fans to meet up at these events, share their love for the games, and be rewarded with this legendary addition to their parties. Since then, the distribution of otherwise unobtainable Pokémon has become a staple and fan-favorite part of the franchise.

To us early Pokémon fans, Mew was our first glimpse at life outside the standard 150 creatures, and we loved that glimpse. To see that “#151” blew my mind the first time I laid eyes upon Mew,but I also yearned for more of this new life form.

Just as Mew was revealed, Pokémon card mania was sweeping the world and as many of you know by now, I was seriously addicted. I not only collected the domestic cards, but I often found myself buying several Japanese booster packs at a cool $9 each. My favorite series to blow my limited funds on was the Japanese Fossil series, since the Japanese series had a certain card that the English Fossil series lacked- Mew.

I attempted for months to score some Mew goodness (only one pack of an entire box had Mew, if you were lucky), with absolutely no luck. But on one balmy April afternoon at the local card shop, I felt rather saucy and decided to lay down all my money for what only turned out to be only 2 Fossil booster packs. The Pokéstars must have been aligned that day, because in my final pack I discovered the holy grail of Pokémon cards at the time, Mew. Talk about childhood memories!

The perfect Pandora’s Box Pokémon, Mew was the one Pokémon in the first generation that the majority of us couldn’t have. Thus, we all wanted it, and I’m one of those who REALLY wanted it. After all, when that PokéRAP said there were “150 or more” to see, at the time, that was a direct reference only to Mew.

I’ve always been a huge fan of psychic Pokémon. I’ve also been a huge fun of Pokémon that pack more punch than their appearances let on. With base stats of 100s across the board, Mew may have looked fragile and graceful, but its power rivaled those of other psychic powerhouses such as Mewtwo and Alakazam.

The Mew event at Toys ‘R’ Us was enough for me to fork over the cash to finally play a third-generation Pokémon game, after being away from the series for so long. I picked up Pokémon Emerald and headed out to the toy store to obtain my very first Mew. It was absolutely worth it.


It probably didn’t take a psychic to predict this one, at least for those of you who were around last time. After the entire week’s worth of Pokémon, we now have a fully revised list of The Tanooki’s 25 Favorite Pokémon of All-Time. While we did consider Unova Pokémon for this list, you can decide for yourselves whether or not we should have included more: Pokémon Black & White officially go on sale in North America tomorrow morning!

Thank you for following along with us, counting down these Pokémon all week. We hope you’ve enjoyed the list, and we wish you all the best as you all begin your quest to become the Unova regions greatest Pokémon Master!

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