This Legend of Zelda Valentine’s Day card fills all my heart pieces

Love and life are an adventure too dangerous to go alone. This Valentine’s Day, stick it to Hallmark and declare your affection with a card depicting Link with his princess Zelda (who as I will point out, was NEVER in another castle) celebrating this crazy little thing called love. You can purchase the file to print your own by visiting the new Etsy shop of geekcraft enthusiast PaperRockScisorz. Keep an eye on the store, as she says she’ll have an Pixel Paramour card pack, featuring five Valentine’s Day designs, coming out soon!


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About the Author: Holly Green

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    • Cuteprincesszelda

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  • Kimbertastic

    Awesome cards!

  • Pokemon Gaming

    Can I download it somehow? I want to give this to my valentine ??!