Steve Wiebe making three attempts at Donkey Kong record

Hey everyone! Christian here, and I’m about to cover Steve Wiebe’s shots at reclaiming the world record in Donkey Kong. Starting at 3:30 p.m. CT, Wiebe will be making three 90-minute attempts to beat Hank Chien’s recent record of 1,068,000 from right here in Chicago at the Logan Hardware arcade.

Do you think Wiebe will become the “King of Kong” again today? I’ll be right there covering the event for the rest of the afternoon and evening, hopefully posting updates after the break and on my Twitter account. Check back later!

3:30pm Start time…
4:30 – They’ve finished verifying the machine, looks like he’s starting!
4:43 – 101,300 and counting! Check my Twitter for photos!
4:55 – 200,200 and counting, still first attempt.
5:09 – 306,100!
5:25 – 420,000, still going strong. Everyone’s been chanting Wiebe’s name.
5:30 – For those wondering, he’s got one more life after this one. Check my Twitter for pics you can see for yourself.
5:42 – 537,400, that’s halfway to the world record!
5:53 – 622,600.
6:04 – 707,600, still first attempt.
6:17 – Lost a life, down to his last. 805,800…
6:27 – Game Over. 872,600. Second attempt coming in a bit.
6:44 – Still break time. Met a few of you awesome Tanooki readers. 🙂
7:16 – Sounds like we’re going to get started again soon…
7:30 – Attempt #2, here we go!
7:42 – Lost a life, 64,300.
7:47 – Attempt #3 now underway! 😛
8:00 – 113,500.
8:16 – 210,700, all lives still intact!
8:29 – 306,100 with all lives intact!
8:32 – Two lives lost, 330,100.
8:37 – Last life, 358,800…
8:42 – Game Over at 378,400. Steve’s signing autographs now. Check my Twitter for a boob-signing pic.
8:50 – Alright, everyone — signing off for now. I’ll post better pics an videos when I get home!

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  • Tsarti

    get everyone to yell “encore” if he loses this try. i want him to go for another!!!