Zeldathon for the American Diabetes Association – Home Stretch

We’re entering the final six hours of the Zeldathon marathon, and that’s plenty of time for you to head on over and support their cause. The Zeldathon crew has been playing Zelda games for five straight days (since Monday afternoon) in hopes of raising awareness and raising money for the American Diabetes Association, which funds research and care worldwide. Let’s start 2011 off the right way, and show the world that gamers care.

The link below will take you to the Zeldathon website, where you can donate using the “ChipIn!” link to the right. In addition, you can chat live with the Zeldathon crew using their own chat-enabled video stream. By donating and participating through the chat room, you can win prizes donated by sponsors such as Exploding Deku Nut, ThinkGeek, and of course The Tanooki!

Be sure to also hit the various sharing links below – spread the word through Twitter and Facebook. Show your support!


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