Atlus to release Catherine demo to help explain game

Catherine, Atlus Persona Team’s first game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will be arrive on Japanese shelves this February 17th, but many people are still confused as to what the game is about and whether or not they should buy it. The game has some suggestive adult themes and the game’s titular character has been featured prominently in marketing in way the only furthers this, causing potential buyers to worry that this might be too erotic of a game for their tastes.

Catherine’s director, Katsura Hashino, hopes to lay these worries to rest and has announced on the game’s official blog that a “Free Trial” of the action-adventure game will be offered to gamers. Ideally, the demo will focus on the game’s protagonist, Vincent, and the dark and disturbing mystery surrounding a number of recent, deadly nightmares. The demo has not yet been given a release date.


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About the Author: Christian Ponte


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