Forget motion control: Sega to release urine-controlled game

Sega has demoed a new game for Japan that may keep the ladies wondering where their dates went. The game is Toirettsu (?????), which obviously refers to “toilets” but also plays on the words “toy” and “let’s.” It’s essentially a toilet outfitted with a sensor to determine the speed of your urine stream and a screen to display mini-games based on your performance.

The goal is to control the aim and speed of your pee to succeed in mini-games erasing graffiti with your hose, a battle in which the on-screen characters shoot milk out their noses, and even cause enough wint to blow up a woman’s skirt. The ramifications that this could have on public behavior (especially for children) aside, the goal is apparently to install these in public restrooms (such as those in restaurants) and help businesses get more pee into the urinal rather than on the floor.


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About the Author: Christian Ponte


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