New Lara Croft revealed for Tomb Raider reboot

A brand new Tomb Raider is coming to consoles, one unlike any you’ve ever seen before. As part of Game Informer’s game reveal featured in their upcoming issue, the magazine’s cover debuts a very new look for Lara Croft, while visually telling a bit about the changes to the story.

As you can see, Crystal Dynamic’s new Lara Croft appears much younger, rocking a sexy new-age euro-mullet. The background features a docked ship, a rocky beach and turbulent weather. That’s actually how the reboot begins.

The new game, just being called Tomb Raider, focuses on the origins of Croft, and begins with her stranded on an island after a storm wrecks her boat. Alone on her journey, she must do anything she can to survive. So far, the game is sounding like the early seasons of LOST (polar bears included?), and very good.

Are you looking forward to a brand new Tomb Raider?


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • If that picture is to be believed, she may be more tough and gritty, a change I welcome. I don't think she necessarily looks sexier or younger.

  • Hill_two_kill

    if it comes out like something completely new and if it comes out like uncharted then yes can't wait