Super Scribblenauts level honors iconic Super Mario Bros. stage

If you’ve made it to the 4th celestial world in 5th Cell’s creation puzzle platformer Super Scribblenauts, it may look a wee bit familiar. Level 4-1 was humbly created to resemble level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., and just in time for the game’s 25th anniversary celebration too! I pieced together the above image the best I could to show you most of the recognizable elements.

You can see the iconic brick steps leading up to Bowser’s castle, with the finish line flagpole standing tall. Other similarities include turtles, a piranha plant, fluffy clouds, and item blocks containing mushrooms and coins (and maybe even a Starite).

For more images of the Super Mario inspired level, check out the gallery below.

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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD

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