Xbox 360 dashboard update coming November 1

A mandatory dashboard update for the Xbox 360 is slated to arrive tomorrow for the console, in preparations of the upcoming launch of the Kinect motion sensor.

Detailed in an email sent by Microsoft, expected improvements include enhancements to “the interface, navigation and responsiveness.” Another new features include the implementation of both Zune Music and ESPN into the dashboard. And as you’ve probably noticed, Avatars are now elongated to be more Kinect friendly.

The expected changes should take less than 10 minutes to download, but prepare accordingly. I’d hate to see you postpone a scheduled Left4Dead2 friend match just because you forgot to update your console, silly zombie-killer!

Update: The dashboard update is now live.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • APE xCoLiiSioNz

    Will it be available 12 O clock tonight?

  • My guess is that this update won't be available until around 6 am PST

  • Corporal Nosaj

    I PERSONALLY DISLIKE THE NEW DASHBOARD, It is too simple and FLAT looking, and the Grey Guide button look, the flat-ness of it all is upsetting, the old one where awesome, and the ORIGINAL was even better then this!