Video: An animator’s approach to Disney Epic Mickey

As the release of the upcoming Wii adventure Disney Epic Mickey grows near, we’re granted another behind-the-scenes developer video. This new feature titled “The Anatomy of Animation,” gives us a look at Mickey’s previous animated adventures, which served as inspiration for the new game.

Several of the game’s designers at Junction Point, including Warren Spector, gather to talk all things Mickey. One bit of interesting insight?  Much of the inspiration for the detailed movements and animations of each in-game character came directly from the original cartoons. The crew studied each and every nuance to accurately bring to life a video game version of Disney’s most beloved — and forgotten — characters.

It’s not only incredible to see a brand new Mickey title coming to consoles in a few short weeks, but I’m impressed to know how hard the animators worked to make this game feel like a familiar Disney creation.

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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD

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