Review – Nyko Charge Base IC (Wii)

Since the birth of Nintendo’s Wii console, peripheral and accessory developer Nyko has been on the front lines delivering several iterations of Wii Remote charging products. Just as the Wii Remote has seen a few minor updates since its 2006 launch, with the additions of MotionPlus, and the ever common protective silicon jacket, so must our charging options. In steps Nyko’s Charge Base IC, a fantastic option for any Wii owner.

The Charge Base IC hovers two vertical panels over an arc-shaped arm and white rectangular base. The floating design allows players to keep controller attachments like the Wii MotionPlus add-on connected without disturbing the charging process. The charging dock can support two Wii Remote or Nyko Wand controllers (Nyko also has a 4-remote dock available), while speedily charging using the induction charge method, which if you’re not aware is the wave of the future. Charging by induction essentially means your product will gain its required energy boost without the need of direct contact, a perfect solution for those who keep their controllers protected with skins, jackets or a mess of gaudy decals.

Induction also offers a more convenient solution, removing the need to meticulously line up any necessary sensors. Simply insert the battery pack into your controller, line up the controller with the desired panel and you’re done. Each panel is laced with magnetic glides that will eagerly grab your remote, holding it in place. The Charge Base IC will light up blue beneath your remote to indicate the commencement of the charging process. Once complete, an ooze-green hue will let you know when you’re ready to play.

The Charge Base IC provides an added edge of coolness to a marketplace filled with traditional docks. Due to the architectural freedom of the charger’s design, there isn’t a predetermined size requirement necessary to activate a sensor or two. In fact, you don’t even need to have the controller to charge your battery. Simply throw the battery packs on the dock and leave your Wii Remotes scattered throughout the house.

You can also flip the batteries upside down — by themselves or attached to your controller — though the included instruction manual doesn’t recommend it.

An added bonus is the included USB port in the unit’s base, allowing players to attach any USB device for a quick charge; perfect for a cellphone, iPod or even PlayStation 3′s die-quickly SIXAXIS controller. The unit also charges using an AC power adapter, which charges notably faster than other USB powered devices.

Nyko boasts that once fully charged, which takes a few hours, your Wii Remote/ Nyko Wand controller will average 20 hours of playtime, perfect for those long nights of mastering “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert in Guitar Hero.

Outside of the dock, the battery pack in no way harms your gaming experience. The familiar gripped backing on Nyko’s battery pack only enhances the comfort in your playtime, but will likely be masked behind the cushioned allure of a silicon jacket.

Bottom Line: Overall Nyko’s Charge Base IC is an incredible charging option for the Wii console. Any Wii owner knows the struggles of constantly pulling off controller jackets, plucking off MotionPlus or popping out rusted AA batteries. The sleek design, the reasonable price point of $29.99, and support for remote add-ons makes this a no-brainer.   The only potential negative is the delightful glow, which could be considered an annoyance for those that sleep near their charging docks. However, a power button located on the front of the unit allows users to turn the charger on or off easily. See, Nyko thought of everything!

Do yourself a favor, rid yourself of battery hell, and pick one up immediately. The Nyko Charge Base IC is highly recommended.

*This product review was written based on the product supplied by Nyko for review purposes. Charged controllers tested with over 10 hours of gameplay time using Wii software titles “Bit.Trip Runner and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.”
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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • MAL

    After trying this charger out for a couple of months, I am sad to report that it is a piece of junk. I just returned my Nyko’s Charge Base IC because most of the time that I attempted to use my Wii remotes, they would not have a charge. The design is nice but there are some major flaws that will not allow it to function properly.

    “Any Wii owner knows the struggles of constantly pulling off controller jackets, plucking off MotionPlus…” Based on the pics provided, it does not seem that the silicon controller jackets and MotionPlus were tested with the supplied charger. From experience, I can attest that one or both of these additions do not allow the Wii controller to properly stay lined up with the induction panel. The Wii controllers appear to be held up by a single magnet each on the charge base, and if the controller is not precisely where it needs to be, it will not charge. After securing my controller on the base, activating the blue light, the controller would gradually slide off. The magnet on the base is not able to handle the weight of the Wii controller with the MotionPlus add on. The silicone jacket may also cause additional spacing that interferes with the hold of the magnet. If the controller was allowed to lay flat like most induction charging devices, it probably would have worked.

    Another minor flaw which annoyed me was that the battery pack and the cover are one in in the same which prevents you from syncing your Wii remote when needed.

    • JasonLeavey

      Somehow I overlooked my Wii Remote with silicon jacket pic when uploading,…but I've added it to the gallery. I used two different Wii Remotes (with and without jackets, with and without MotionPlus) and a Nyko Wand controller on multiple attempts with no trouble at all. I also had zero issues with lining up the controller by itself, nor any issues lining it up with the added jacket. My controllers charged properly, and I did not experience any weight or sliding issues. I'm sorry that you didn't experience the same satisfaction.

  • seelus

    Just got this and still struggling to get it working. Just keep showing blue light indicating charging, however remote still dead. Left first 24 hours with jacket, second 24 hours without jacket, third 24 hours just the batteries, none with success. After 24 hours of successful charging (means with blue light – i assume that is successful charging), it shows just around 1.5 V if I measure with meter.