Live-action Pokemon movie trailer is epic, but fake

It’s amazing that not once during the course of my life, knowing about the Pokemon phenomenon, did I ever think what it would be like to have a live-action Pokemon movie. That is, until I saw this fake movie trailer.

A shaky-cam video shows the seemingly legit trailer, the words “Confidential Screener Copy” plastered over top. Fans cheer in the background as they watch, excited about the footage. And aside from some over acting, the production value seems high and the Pokemon look incredible. But, alas, it’s fake.

Still, it gives me hope that one day we may see it happen. After all, aren’t all video game franchises worthy of a sucktastic movie or two?


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • Obviously fake. No Pokemon movie would have guns, much less pointed at their own head…

  • Josh perez

    this is an abomanation to video games, tv anime series, and most importantly the fans, what a shame

  • Josh2114

    dum trailer duh its fake has tons of bad langusge im glad its fake

  • Josh2114

    real pokemon movie should come out of a remake of the entire first season

  • steamPUNK

    It’s actually quite astonishing that there hasn’t been a live action Pokémon movie. I mean, there’s been a PHOENIX WRIGHT movie! So how come an ultra popular series like Pokémon doesn’t get an adaptation?