Stop-motion Pac-Man game is amazing, and unbelievably annoying

The popularity of stop-motion videos has flourished in recent years thanks to YouTube showcasing user generated content. A French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond is the newest self-proclaimed filmmaker to gain notoriety, having created his own stop-motion flick simulating a game of Pac-Man, using 111 human beings in an auditorium.

Wearing different colored shirts, each person symbolizes a particular aspect of the original game’s pixels, from blue standing for the course barriers, to yellow being Pac-Man himself.

While I admire the ability to get over 100 people to change seats continuously during the entire four hour film session, the voice over work is annoying as all hell. You may want to turn down your speakers to avoid inadvertently punching yourself in the head. Mine is still bleeding.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD